Cheap Weber 2003 Model 3390001 Genesis Gold C Natural Gas Grill Lawn & Patio Price
Cheap Weber 2003 Model 3390001 Genesis Gold C Natural Gas Grill Lawn & Patio Price
Cheap Weber 2003 Model 3390001 Genesis Gold C Natural Gas Grill Lawn & Patio Price  

Cheap Weber 2003 Model 3390001 Genesis Gold C Natural Gas Grill (Lawn & Patio) Price

Weber 2003 Model 3390001 Genesis Gold C Natural Gas Grill CHEAP-PRICE.NET's Cheap Price:

Here at we have Weber 2003 Model 3390001 Genesis Gold C Natural Gas Grill at a terrific price. The real time price may actually be cheaper- click on the 'Buy Now' above to check the realtime price of Weber 2003 Model 3390001 Genesis Gold C Natural Gas Grill at

At first glance, Weber gas grills look like something that might be shot into space or driven in a Formula 1 race rather than the sleek cooking machines they really are. This is an understandable mistake, because with its Genesis series of grills, Weber has made the time-honored tradition of outdoor cooking state-of-the-art, virtually putting an entire kitchen at your fingertips and on your patio. The Genesis Gold C features a generous 611 square inches of total cooking area, which includes the primary cooking area, a warming rack, and a warm-up basket. Its three stainless-steel burners supply an input of 39,000 Btu's per hour and provide 550-degree broiling temperatures without wasting fuel. The Genesis Gold C also features a side burner, rated at 10,000 Btu's per hour, that is perfect for creating a side dish to accompany your perfectly cooked main course. In place of the lava rock, pumice stone, or flat metal plates found in most common gas grills, Weber grills feature the company's patented Flavorizer bars, which do not retain dripped fats. Instead, juices sizzle and smoke when they hit the Flavorizers, eliminating potentially disastrous flare-ups and imparting a delectable smoky flavor to your feast.

Getting the grill ready to cook that feast doesn't take long, either. Weber's Crossover ignition system enables you to effortlessly start all three burners, which have been positioned to heat your food evenly. A dual-purpose thermometer included in the front of the grill unit measures the temperature under the double-walled stainless-steel hood; it can also be removed and used as a meat thermometer to ensure a thoroughly cooked meal every time. And you won't need to scramble for seasonings (or recipes--Weber provides a cookbook) or use a separate table while cooking, thanks to several convenient features. In addition to the handy work surface on one side of the unit, a wire condiment basket hangs along the front of the grill, keeping condiments, spices, marinades, or other barbecue necessities close at hand. A wire shelf is situated beneath the grill and stretches the length of the unit, and three wire tool hooks hang below the work surface, ready for your spatula, meat fork, and basting brush. Weber natural gas grills also come with a 12-foot quick-disconnect hose.

With its lid open, the Genesis Gold C measures 61-1/2 inches tall, 69-1/2 inches wide, and 33 inches deep. This powerful cooking machine is easily moved, however, thanks to its crackproof all-weather wheels and locking casters, which prevent it from moving when you're cooking. While a grill cover is recommended to protect your grill from the elements, Weber's engineers did take outdoor storage into consideration and, with the help of entomologists, added special spiderproof screens to prevent the burner tubes from being clogged by cobwebs or nests.

This grill features Weber's Stop Watch engineering. Now it takes approximately 10 minutes to assemble your grill with no more than eight fasteners and a single tool. Weber even throws in the tool. Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. --Benjamin Reese

CATEGORY: Lawn & Patio
FEATURES: Natural gas grill; 36,000 Btu-per hour input, 612 square inches of total cooking area, Patented cooking system that virtually eliminates flare-ups and offers ultimate cooking control, Stop Watch Engineering: 10-minute assembly with no more than 8 fasteners and a single tool (included), Lifetime limited warranty
MEDIA: Lawn & Patio
UPC: 077924040603

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Customer Review of Weber 2003 Model 3390001 Genesis Gold C Natural Gas Grill
Nothing can top this
I didn't want to buy my Weber after the patio is done. Which will be in late June. But, something happened. I was at Sears buying a new lawn mower. As I was paying, I probed the sales about Weber grills. He asked me which model. "Genesis Gold C" I replied. He said "If you pick up both today, I'll give you 10% off on the whole purchase". Well, the Weber end up in my garage 30 min later. You know the story.
It's been bit more than two weeks since I bought the Weber Genesis Gold C. We have grilled 8 times on it. Including scallop, baby back ribs, country style ribs, spare ribs, fish, stack and some vegetables. ALL CAME OUT PERFECTLY. If you were doing research like I did. You can stop right here. You don't even need to finish this review. Just go and buy a Weber Genesis grill Gold or Silver, you will be a happy person for at least 20 years. Just like me. ;-)

I used three months researching gas grills. Checked into brands including Jenn-Air, NexGrill, Char-Broil, COSTCO brands and Weber. I emphasized on two things, how well does the grill cook and how long will the grill last. I don't care how bad or cheap it looks, don't care about any special features (smoker tray, rotisserie kit). What I found out from reading reviews on, and several other grilling/barbecue web sites is that countless people swear on their Weber gas grill, all the other brands together have less than a hand full of people. Also buying and reading the two best grilling book before the purchase helped me a lot in what I should really look into in detail.
The two books are:
Weber's Big Book of Grilling
by Jamie Purviance
How to Grill: The Complete Illustrated Book of Barbecue Techniques
by Steven Raichlen, Greg Schneider

I am, or shall I dare say "was" :-), not an expert griller. I was able to fully understand what the books said and able to follow the books. Which results in perfect food. My ribs are better than the ones from Sweet Water Tavern. The baby back ribs from Sweet Water Tavern was my family's favorite. Which costs $19 a rack. With $19, we can have 4 full racks now. Anyways, back to the books. The Weber book explains in detail about the characters of different food and also how to, not just deal with them, take advantage of their characters. I was able to understand the grill better because I understand the food, which the grill is designed to deal with, better.

I am not going to say too much about grills other than Weber's because I've never used them. All the knowledge I have about them is from other people's experience. The conclusion I draw from my research,, web sites, Consumer Report and a cooking magazine(forgot name), is that if you want the same cook quality like Weber, you would have to pay more than $1200 on other brands. And Weber throw in the unparalleled durability and quality pre/post sale customer service for free.

I bought the Genesis Gold C because of the durability of Stainless steel parts. Though many people in their review said the cast iron sear stack better. I still went for the stainless steel and paid more. Now, after 3 meal of perfectly seared stack, I realized that I could have saved $100. No regret though. I would not recommend stainless steel grates other than the solid thick bar type grates on other brand's grill. The reason Weber's relative thin stainless steel grates can still sear great is because the grill can reach 800F. Yes, you read me correctly, my Weber can reach Eight Hundred Degree F with only 36000 BTUs. This actually caused me some problem when I tried to do some medium temperature cooking. The grill would not drop below 300F. I read about this in reviews and also called Weber. The reason is that the new stainless steal cover reflects heat too well. After several usage, the inside of cover looks dark brown and black and the grill surly can drop to around 250F now.

Not like the Coleman, which grills food pretty well but took my friend 6 hours to assemble. My Weber took me 15 min to assemble. Only 8 big scrolls. Weber even provides tools to do it.

Weber's customer service is perfect. Never had to wait for more than 2 min. You might say if the grill's quality is good, why would you ever call customer support. This might be true for you expert grillers, but not for me. I appreciate very much Weber support people's courtesy and knowledge of their product.

I can't say my Weber is the best looking grill. To be honest, it actually look cheap. When my wife saw my Weber the first time, she said "What, you spent $530 for this?" I said "Wait till you try the baby back ribs". She now constantly beg me to grill. Partly because then she does not have to cook, but I believe it's mostly because the quality of food from "My Weber". :-)

outstanding grill
Bought this grill from Amazon, saved $150 over all the local home centers.

My friends call me a serious cook/foodie.
I was not about to be sucked into the name-hype of weber.
However after 2 months of using this grill, I'm sold.

The grill is very solid. Stainless makes cleaning easy
and the grill keeps it shine.

The no-flare system allows very flexible cooking methods.
You can bake indirect by placing food over off-burners or
using the hanging basket. Grilled food turns out perfect,
not dried out or burnt. Baked items like potatoes/corn/
squash turn out great. Even greasy lamb doesn't flare and
burn. I've had very consistent results for meals like
ribs for 35 people, a rib roast, and the normal BBQ fare.

The side burner is relatively underpowered, but is fine
for saute or boiling water. (similar to camping stove).
The main BBQ burners heat FAST. 5 minutes for 600+ degrees.

The drip pan, and "funnel" where everything drips down
slides out, and the carbonized stuff brushes right out
like flakes. excellent design.

Assembly was cake and quick. Box was very well packed.

The only possible gripe is that the area where the control
dials are could have been used for "counter space" instead.

get this grill from amazon, you won't regret it.

Set up info for this great produce
I ordered this Weber grill. It took about 2 weeks for free delivery. I wanted to have everything in place to quickly hook up the grill to the natural gas line when it arrived, but I could not find anywhere on the internet what fittings were needed to hook this grill up. The only information out there from one post turned out to be incorrect in noting that "a 1/2 pipe fitting" is needed.

So now, in order that everyone else will be prepared and have the information needed on this grill, IT TAKES A 3/8 INCH PIPE FITTING which hooks directly to the quick disconnect hose. For those not experienced in pipe fittings, this is a regular pipe fitting, and not a flared or compression fitting.

Wish I had known this when my arrived, but hopefully this will save everyone else a trip to Home Depot on the day the grill arrives.

Continued good grilling on this great product from Weber.

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