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While the cocktail lounge fad has seen more than a few musicians climb aboard as a career move, the members of Pink Martini are no bandwagon-riding aficionados. Fronted by pianist Thomas Lauderdale, Pink Martini is the real article--a band that approaches the music with unwavering seriousness yet never forgets the fun at the heart of it. Sympathique, the band's debut album reveals an incredibly diverse musical vocabulary on the part of frontman Lauderdale. And what singer China Forbes lacks in range and dynamics, she more than compensates for in attack, approach, and a clear understanding of the material. While most of the songs are upbeat, in the hands of Lauderdale and Forbes, "Qué será será," with its dark atmospherics should be rechristened "Qué será noir." --Wayne Pernu

ARTIST: Pink Martini
TRACKS: Amado Mio, No Hay Problema, Sympathique, Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be), Soledad, Donde Estas Yolanda, Andalucia, Song of the Black Lizard, Bolero, Children of Piraeus [From Never on Sunday], Acuarela de Brazil, Lullaby
UPC: 751937106623

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Customer Review of Sympathique
smooth, fun, and beautiful
What can I say about the band Pink Martini other than I wish they had more cds out? A lot of things actually. I love this cd to death! I've listened to it about a hundred times and it never gets old. The blend of classical, rhumba, jazz or whatever is so relaxing and fun and just gorgeous to listen to. This cd is never collecting dust at my house! If you are a music lover I don't know how you could not like this. I will admit I'm not in the mood for all of the tracks all of the time. But usually I cannot resist one more listen to Amado Mio, No Hay Problema, or Brazil. The music has a definite beat, great full sound, and absolutely gifted musicians behind it. Whenever I hear it I want to get up and dance and mostly what happens is people give me funny looks while I groove to it in the car... I would write more but I really don't have anything bad to say after listening to this cd for so long and it would probably boring for me to just blab on about how great it is. I highly recommend this cd and I hope that Pink Martini's next cd (which has been postponed by hundred years) will be out soon!

Sympathique, Fantastique!
Pink Martini is a Portland based band and therefore, I am already biased. However, if you enjoy truly great music by truly talented people, this CD is for you. Do you like old French clasics or just music that gets your soul moving? Then listend to some tracks and place your order!
"Bolero" is absolutely beautiful! You can tell it's the original song, but their added and updated alternations of this piece makes it a new classic of their own. The cello intro is deep and throaty and when the piano moves in, you actually FEEL like you're in a different country, touring the vinyard hillsides...
The lead female vocalist (China Forbes) has a wonderful voice and allows songs like "Amando Mio" to ring out and demand attention...again, listening to Thomas Lauderdale's fingers work magic on the piano allows this song to be one of their top pieces. And if that's not enough, both of these musicians graduated cum laude from Harvard University.
This CD is almost 5 years old and their 2nd CD has been postponed for a couple years, sending the Portland crowd into a frenzy on the much anticipated next albulm due spring of 2003. The male lead vocalist is no longer with the band (Pepe Raphael on "Donde Estas Yolanda"), but his first solo albulm is excellent, respectively as well (Pepe and the Bottle Blondes) which turns out some great Spanish influenced songs that make you want to jump up and yell "Cha-Cha!!!"

Without a doubt, my favorite CD in my collection
Simply put, this graceful compellation of sounds is my most favorite in my collection of over 600 albums. These Oregonians reach to all ends of the earth for musical inspiration and then brilliantly synthesize it into something entirely fresh. This CD is perfect for pleasing all generations of listeners, and if you get the chance, Pink Martini is fantastic in concert...nothing is done to their sound in a studio...all of the talent on all of the instruments is God given.

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