Cheap Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 Software Price
Cheap Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 Software Price
Cheap Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 Software Price  

Cheap Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 (Software) (Windows 2000, Windows XP) Price

Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 CHEAP-PRICE.NET's Cheap Price: $109.99

Here at we have Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 at a terrific price. The real time price may actually be cheaper- click on the 'Buy Now' above to check the realtime price of Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 at

With Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 you can work at home with the full versions of the latest Microsoft Office products to create the world's most widely used documents, spreadsheets, and presentations--at a low price. You can even install the suite of applications--which includes full versions of Excel 2003, Outlook 2003, PowerPoint 2003, and Word 2003--on up to three computers in your household.

Use Office Online to find a rich assortment of additional resources. See more.

Conduct research on your projects without leaving Office. See more.

Fun new clip art adds flair to your projects.

Outlook 2003's calendar functions are more robust than ever.
Use the suite to collaborate with others; research, write and animate school reports; manage e-mail messages and analyze information more effectively. Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 enables you to complete your document-related tasks easily, and allows you and your family to gain the skills that give you an edge in school and in the job market.

Note that Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003 requires a qualified educational user in the household at the time of purchase. It can be used after graduation by the whole household of the qualified educational user. It will be eligible for upgrade to future versions of Office. This product is intended for non-commercial use only.

Fully Compatible with Other Versions of Office
Ensure the programs you use at home are fully compatible with the versions you use at school. Office 2003 Editions files are compatible with files created with Office 97 and later versions. You can work with Office 2003 Editions files at school, work, and home. Share files with more people and reduce the need for converters, which can corrupt file contents or lose formatting. Also view and make changes to your files on different computers.

Easy to Use and More Reliable
The intuitive, familiar, helpful Office interface makes it easy and fun to work on home and school-related projects. Use new task panes, integrated help, interactive online training, templates for educational and home tasks and an improved Reading Pane in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. Increased junk e-mail and virus protection features, as well as improved document recovery features, can help you and your family feel more secure.

Find Resources for School, Class Planning and Home Use
Office Online provides access to reference information, study tips, clip art, and hundreds of templates for student reports, research papers, and other files commonly used at schools. Parents will find useful resources for managing household budgets, organizing community events, calculating college costs, communicating with teachers, and other tasks.

Research Ideas Without Leaving Your File
Students of all levels and professionals can use the new Research task pane to find information from dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other sources while working in your Office 2003 Editions program. In Microsoft Office Excel 2003, use the Research task pane to research companies and stock quotes. Note that accessing some sources in the Research task pane may require a connection to the Internet.

Share Your Presentations
Use Package for CD in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 to copy your presentation onto a CD, which can be carried easily between home and school. Include the free PowerPoint Viewer on the CD and you can distribute presentations to individuals and groups who don't use Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Office.

Add Impact with Graphics
While working in PowerPoint 2003, access Clip Art and Media on Office Online. Select from thousands of multimedia elements--including images, sounds, photos, and animations--to add impact to your presentations. Students of all levels and professionals can all find clip art appropriate for their needs.

Help Protect Your Privacy and Stay Secure
Help protect your family from annoying--and potentially dangerous--junk e-mail messages. The Junk E-Mail Filter in Outlook 2003 can help filter out unwanted messages, block potentially dangerous Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) pictures in junk e-mail messages, and make a list of trusted senders. Enhanced antivirus capabilities can help prevent your family from downloading viruses from the Internet or school.

Work More Efficiently with Outlook 2003
Many of the new features and functionality in Outlook 2003 can help save you time. Now you can view up to twice as much content on a bigger, more flexible Reading Pane. An improved Navigation Pane also makes it easier to find information. Meanwhile, you can arrange your Inbox messages by conversation and group all messages on a particular topic. Plus, Quick Flags let you prioritize, track and follow up on messages. You can also set Outlook 2003 to deliver a Desktop Alert when new messages arrive, even if you're working in a different program. And lastly, Search Folders allow you to quickly access e-mail messages that meet common search criteria.

PLATFORM: Windows 2000, Windows XP
CATEGORY: Software
FEATURES: CD-ROM, Full versions of improved, yet familiar Office programs for up to 3 of your home PCs, Junk e-mail filtering and blocking of unsafe attachments, Backward compatibility with older versions of Office programs, Automatic backup and recovery of documents, Burn multimedia PowerPoint presentations┬┐including a free PowerPoint viewer┬┐directly to CD
MPN: 503-00288
UPC: 805529438781

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Customer Review of Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition 2003
With MS products and schools mandating MS Products do we have a choice?
Sorry, Just had to get that little jab in there. I ended up buying this not from Amazon but direct instead due to shipping time. MS's website has this available for download (60 day free full use trial). My trial had expired and I had a PowerPoint presentation I needed to work on so I loaded up the program, fed in my credit card number for the access code, paid the 150 (cheaper here) and got to work. <
> <
>I put in a call before paying MS directly to see if they had an access code I could buy for my software but at the present nothing is available like that here. <
> <
>Not your fault I procrastinate :)

OK but not much more
Well where do you start with this product; <
> <
>First, yes the teacher/student edition is much less expensive that then full blown version. However, I do not consider this much of a deal regardless since $128 is still darned expensive and the standard version is just flat out rediculously priced. So to say this is cheap because of the standard price is not a fair assessment. It is kind of like saying, "Well at least I got ripped off a lot less". <
> <
>Second, this is bloatware at its finest. M$ office 2003 is unbelievably fat both in hard drive space an RAM requirements. If this product were a human being it would be doctor ordered to be on a diet. <
> <
>Third, It is not complete. Contrary to popular belief many students do need use a database app (as required in even the most basic of computer technology/science classes)...although lacking Access might be a good thing since it is a terrible database anyway. <
> <
>WORD: The word on word is that is is fairly good for short works not involving any serious graphics. You can paste a few photos in and charts and other objects but if and when you attempt to use WORD 2003 to make a serious report such as a 100+ page, fully annotated dissertation/thesis WORD will probably fail you. Especially if you type up your large reports in sections in seperate .doc files. Word offers no easy way to merge .doc files (at least not one I could find) and it starts to freak out around the 30th or 40th page if you have lots of graphics, charts (excel objects), mathematical equations, and other objects in the pages as you would in any decent report. Addtionally, word does allow you to sort of see and edit the hidden codes in the file but not all of them. If a file goes corrupt, and they occasionally do, you may or may not be able to recover it and you certainly will not be able to manually edit the bad tags/codes to clean it up. Word also has a bad habbit of occasionally deciding it just does not want to work any longer and mysteriously quits...this is usually at the precise moment you had something really important to type up. What word 2003 does have going for it is that it is a glorified letter writer...but certaininly not a serious report maker. There is little control over graphic and layout and text for that matter. Oh yeah, and occasionally word likes to convert your editable objects to bitmaps without any explanation or warning you. This means you had better hope you never want to change anything on an editable object (such as a math equation) because once it is a bitmap it is useless other than being a graphic. <
> <
>OUTLOOK: Well the outlook on outlook is that it is a decent email program but no champion. It is slow, has little configuration control, is bad at handling spam on its own and is also bloated beyond belief. So with that said I'll leave it there, except to say it is slow sometimes loading up. <
> <
>EXCEL: Well, this is named wrong. About the only thing Excel is good at is calculating things incorrectly. It is good for basic mathematics and maybe accounting but once you need some precission forget it. Excel falls flat on its face there. Also, if you get deep into the functions you will start to see that some were not made correctly and it actually does make mistakes. Off the top of my head there is an interesting case of SMALL() and LARGE()...two functions that claim to be opposites to each other in the description except they are not. Well not completely, they are close but SMALL() does not rank the same way as LARGE() (contrary to their descriptions)...making them all but useless. And there are other situations as well. Another annoyance is the seven level limitation on nested functions, lack of a decent ELSE structure to IF statements, finiky nature of LOOKUP, HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP, and the occasional forced use of INDIRECT to reference specific cells because excel has bad internal referencing abilities. And also forget about circular referencing (unless you want to go through a lot of hoops and jumps and change a few settings). And the charts in Excel 2003 are great until you do your 7th or 8th one and they start to look more like 1983. They are ok for basic charting and graphing but nothing spectacular that you want to run and show your boss. The conditional formatting is severly limited. and my 10 year old T1-85 calculator has better numerical precision than excel most of the time. And some of the statistical functions are iffy. I have had to manually verify covariance results to find out Excel for unexplained reasons can't multiply correctly...nevermind the lack of options on some of the functions where the function makes a whole lot of assumptions on your behalf (VAR() and others). And 16 digits of precision might seem like a lot but not for many calculations that depend on precision. So like I said it's great for accounting to the nearest cent or even 100th of a cent but beyond that Excel quickly shows its limitations. Oh yeah and nevermind Excel still can not display functions in mathematical format. And why does Microsoft feel the need to limit the number of cell shade colors? I mean is it that hard to place a color circle/swatch icon on the window to let me choose a new color without having to go through 5 other windows under the tools menu? <
> <
>That last point gets to the root of many of M$ software. They tend to burry features very deep inside their programs for unexplained reasons making simple tasks overly complex whilst claiming to be saving you time and money. This must be a Microsoft philosphy or something of which I will never understand. <
> <
>Then there is POWERPOINT 2003. Well what can you say about this thing. It is OK but nothing that will blow the socks off the audiance during your presentation. The best use I have found for powerpoint is to make antimated movies in Adobe After Effects and insert them into powerpoint slides in order to get some decent results out of powerpoint. <
> <
>Microsoft claims all the applications in OFFICE 2003 are compatible and interoperatable and whatever. On the surface they are and they do handle of lot of the data fairly well. You can cut and paste (usually paste special) data from one office app into another and it will, for the most part, carry alot of the formatting, styling and other attributes along with it. However, once you get deep into this though you start to realize this interoperability is limited and not full featured. For example, cut a spreadsheet and paste it into powerpoint then try to edit it in powerpoint. Powerpoint, instead of using the Excel engine, will load up some stupid powerpoint spreadsheet baby thing...which in turn means you have to go back to Excel to fix a single thing and re-copy/cut and paste again. Word also does not edit excel data well either although it is better than powerpoint. So I am confussed about the way OFFICE 2003 works. I would have assumed that each component was an engine that each application could use...It does not appear this is the case. <
> <
>If you do anything heavy like linked files...word can be good sometimes and an absolute nightmare at others. Linking spreadsheets into reports is great to ensure the data is always upto date or that the data in the presentation is the most recent copy or whatever the case may be...great concept. Except half the time OFFICE seems to think the files are missing or something. You haven't moved anything but office loses track of the links. Why I have no idea. And if you go for the really hardcore linking, like office claims it can do, such as linking in AutoCAD drawings office will freak out eventually even though M$ has provided an Autocad object in OFFICE for doing precisely this. And if you want to link to a file that is linked to several others that in turn are linked (this becomes common in complicated spreadsheets) then you are almost certainly asking for trouble at some point. <
> <
>Anyway there are tons of reasons OFFICE is not the cure all that it claims to be (i.e. Drawing tools, canvas objects, indexing, columns in word, tables in word, and so on), but no point in going on forever about it. <
> <
>OFFICE is OK but it is not as great as M$ hypes it out to be. The interoperability that it offers is OK as well and is nothing special that a lot of programs out there did before OFFICE and do now even though they are made by other companies. <
> <
>So yeah OFFICE is good for maybe lower division (on the student/teacher edition) might get you through some upper division if your major does not include any serious math and science or heavy report/presentation writing. But for the serious stuff OFFICE falls short in my opinion. <
> <
>The verdict: OFFICE is not what it is cracked up to be. However, because of Univeristies and businesses being brainwashed by the radio waves sent out of Redmond, Washington owning a copy of this half-baked office suite is required. But I would suggest getting some real software to supliment it, get used to copy and pasting and use OFFICE mainly as a way to save documents so your University or Boss can open them. <
> <
>Thank you.

Works great
I'm very happy with my purchase. I got it quickly and it works great.

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