Cheap Gilmore Girls - The Complete Third Season DVD Price
Cheap Gilmore Girls - The Complete Third Season DVD Price
Cheap Gilmore Girls - The Complete Third Season DVD Price  

Cheap Gilmore Girls - The Complete Third Season (DVD) (Lauren Graham) Price

Gilmore Girls - The Complete Third Season CHEAP-PRICE.NET's Cheap Price: $41.99

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Senior year meant some surprising changes for the Gilmore girls, as both Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) wrestled with their pasts in order to figure out what the heck they were going to do with their futures. In the wake of finding out that her relationship with Rory's dad was not to be rekindled, Lorelai endured a variety of suitors as she attempted to keep her life on an evil keel--not easy when her former flame's girlfriend was pregnant (and clueless), her former fiancé shows up unexpectedly, and her beloved inn suffers some unforeseen damage. If it was minor drama for Lorelai, it was full-fledged soap opera for Rory, who broke up with longtime boyfriend Dean (Jared Padalecki) in the wake of her attraction to the moody bad-boy Jess (Milo Ventimiglia), only to find her new relationship fraught with difficulties. Add to that the pressure of getting into college (Harvard or Yale?) and stressful senior class politics at the snooty Chilton private school, and it's a wonder she still had time to crack wise at breakneck speed with her mom and the rest of Stars Hollow.

The center of the third season of Gilmore Girls was the Rory-Dean-Jess triangle, which played out with surprising sensitivity and not a bit of sadness; it all came to a head in the episode "They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?" in which Rory and Lorelai's quest to win a dance marathon ends in tears and break-ups. The year's teen drama did have a tendency to put the adults on the back burner, but the luminous Graham made the most of her character's dilemmas, whether gauging her growing attraction to diner owner Luke (Scott Patterson) or wrestling with her parents' continuous meddling. While it is hard to pinpoint a specific compelling story arc for this season, that doesn't mean it wasn't filled with the charm, smarts, and rapid-fire dialogue that made Gilmore Girls one of the brightest shows on television. Stellar supporting turns from Liza Weil as Paris, Rory's friend and nemesis by turns, and a pre-O.C. Adam Brody, as a band member who falls for Rory's best friend Lane (Keiko Agena), also punctuated the drama of the season with great comedy. --Mark Englehart

ACTORS: Lauren Graham
MANUFACTURER: Warner Home Video
FEATURES: Box set, Full Screen
TYPE: Television
UPC: 012569700543

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Customer Review of Gilmore Girls - The Complete Third Season
The "Gilmore Girls" get to realize their dreams in Season 3
The third season of "Gilmore Girls" offers a lot of ups and down for Lorelai and Rory, not to mention pretty much everybody else at Stars Hollow or Chilton. I was prepared to declare that this was my least favorite season of the series because I did not like Jess and I though Rory's choice to ditch Dean for Jess was the lost of the innocence that made the character so endearing in the first place. Then I took into account that "Gilmore Girls" airs on the WB and from Felicity choosing Ben over Noel and Joey picking Pacey over Dawson I have been nothing but disappointed with the romantic choices of their ingénues. Buffy chose Angel and then she ended up killing him. If Lorelai and Luke do not end up happily ever after I might be compelled to give up on the show (consider this fair warning, WB), but if Rory could dump Dean I knew Jess could never go the distance and I could take heart in that fact.

What defines this third season for Lorelai and Rory are not the men (or boys) in their lives but rather their goals of realizing their dreams. For Lorelai this means opening up her own inn with Sookie. That dream gets put on the front burner when a fire damages the Independence Inn ("A Tale of Poes and Fire"), but buying the Dragonfly Inn (the house from "The Waltons" if you know your television history) proves to be a problem ("Say Goodnight, Gracie"). When Lorelai insists on spending the money she got from her father on her daughter's education at Yale it is Rory who has to cut her own deal with Richard and Emily so that her mother can get her dream too ("Those Are Strings, Pinocchio"). It is supposedly a "win-win-win" situation, but that remains to be seen.

Of course, Rory getting into the college of her dreams is the real defining element of the season. I came to the show late (mea culpa, mea maxima culpa) so I knew that Rory was at Yale and wondered what on earth had happened to keep her from going to Harvard. Well, in Season 3 we find out. The dream starts to turn into a nightmare when Rory's application for Harvard has to be put together ("Application Anxiety"). When Paris did not get into Harvard ("The Big One"), I was terrified the same fate awaited Rory. But when Richard manipulates Rory into an interview at Yale ("Let the Games Begin") my biggest surprise was that Lorelai was actually wrong in an argument with her father (the end of the episode indicates she knows that too). This one has two of Rory's best moments in this season are when she tells Richard he did the right thing the wrong way in this episode and when she apologizes to Dean and I could feel she was still a good kid at heart. I also like it in the season finale when she tells Emily she is being stupid in shutting out Lorelai and if I could use my one free spin in this life to get Rory to say something it would be to tell Emily, "Grandma, I love you, but no matter what you do I will never love you more than I love my mother."

The best part of Rory and Jess was Lorelai giving Luke lessons on what it means to be a parent of a teenager in love. Other big moments are the dance marathon ("They Shoot Gilmores Don't They?"), the poignant flashback's to the pregnant young Lorelai ("Dear Emily and Richard"), and Emily standing up to Trix ("That'll Do, Pig"). For me the funniest moment of the entire season is in "I Solemnly Swear" when Emily reads the transcript of Lorelai's deposition. I almost busted a gut on that one. Yes, I cried when Rory talked about her mom in her graduation speech, but the sweetest moment of the season was when they came up with the great payoff for the running gag about the t-shirts Kirk was selling at the end of "A Tale of Poes and Fire" (Admit it: You wish you have a "Rory's Going to Yale" t-shirt). Now we can send Rory off to college in Season 4 so that Luke and Lorelai can finally get on the same page and kiss already.

The DVD offers up extra scenes, which is certainly ample justification for fans of the show to check it out in this format. Besides, if you have waiting to see baby pictures of Lauren Graham or Alexis Bledel, or Liz Torres and Kelly Bishop in their dancing days, then the featurettes on the childhood stories from the cast and their best 1980s dance moves are going to allow you to move on to having other images on your visual wish list.

>SO. When does season 4 come out on DVD??? <
> <
>I think disk 4 and 5 on Season 3 are my favorite ones.

Proves my Theory: Germans Love David Hasselhoff
Hot Dog! Lauren Graham needs to be covered in ketchup and mustard, smothered in relish and onions, and served on a fresh bun. <
> <
>Dabney Coleman and Gary Coleman, aka "the Coleman brothers," are outstanding in this series and lend their considerable acting talents to a product that never fails to disappoint.

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